What were you thinking?

This post is addressed to me and it’s a way of framing some thoughts I’ve been having ever since I put my name on the TMSydney city wiki as a presenter. To me, this now seems like utter lunacy as the list of names on the wiki grows with some of my favourite and most respected tweeters in my PLN. I am asking myself what I have to offer in the way of new ideas, innovative techniques or interesting uses of technology in the midst of people from whom I gain inspiration daily?

I am excited by the way Sydney’s TeachMeets are growing after only recently the seeds were sown by Henrietta Miller and Matt Esterman. I follow many colleagues in the UK and have seen mention of these gatherings over the last couple of years and I believe in what they can do for teachers. To have a group of educators passionate enough to share their classroom practice with others teachers after a long school day is great.

My original worry has lead me to the conclusion that these TeachMeets must attract teachers who haven’t yet been won over by Twitter, who aren’t confident integrating technology and who are open to building a PLN. Otherwise we may be in danger of preaching to the converted and becoming nothing more than a cosy little club. This means we should all bring an ‘unconverted’ friend along. I know that I, for one, would feel a lot more comfortable that I put myself on that presenters list, because I would hope that something I said maybe new to them or might spark an idea. The beauty of a TeachMeet is that anyone can get up and present and I hope I’m not too intimidated by the amazing people there too.