Keep Calm and Get Out of the Anglobubble!

Here is my latest #tmsydney presentation. It was inspired by the theme of literacy and influenced by my recent attendance at the AFMLTA Conference. The ideas are a bit of an amalgam of the keynote given by Prof. John Hajek.



Finding Images for Classroom Use

Teaching the International Baccalaureate curriculum for languages means that images are used for stimulus quite frequently. The MYP has recently introduced a new Visual Interpretation objective. For the DP oral tasks, pictures are widely used. So all this makes it important for me as a teacher to find high quality images that can be used for free and without copyright restrictions. Here is a list of some of these sites:

Compfight – a Flickr search tool



NGA Images

Do you have any others to add?

What’s Going on This Term?

It’s all happening!

I’m using this blog post to document everything that’s going on in my brain/professional life at the moment.

  • Leaving a bunch of lessons while I go on camp next week
  • Organising presenters for a mini-TeachMeet on Saturday
  • Putting together my own presentation for Saturday
  • Organising part of the MLTA Conference next Friday, including presenters for the TeachMeet part of the day
  • Putting together my own presentation for the conference TeachMeet
  • Completing an online Red Cross first aid certificate
  • Marking part of the French ab initio May papers for the first time
  • Working through the first Module of my Masters and completing the assignment
  • Finalising the school Noumea trip and going on the trip in the holidays
  • All the other everyday important parts of my job like planning lessons, marking work, setting exams, marking exams, writing Year 12 reports, navigating my role as Senior Tutor

Woah…pretty crazy! I’m going to need to be organised and to manage my time well through all this. At the same time, I don’t want to lose the ability to relax either (not likely!)

Photo Credit: Express Monorail via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Express Monorail via Compfight cc

Today’s Highlight

A blog post slightly longer than a tweet!

Year 11 had spent 2 lessons in small groups devising ways of teaching sub-topics to the rest of the class. The main topic was health and illness so they broke up into a group doing body parts, a group doing illness and a group doing advice. The highlight of my week (so far) would have to have been all of the class – all boys – singing and doing the actions for ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French! Hilarious and they certainly learned something!