On the brink of 2012

Andrew Kicinski Photography

It all starts tomorrow. Students, classes, bells, timetables, duties, meetings, emails, phone calls, computers and ME. I have been meaning to write the reflection post all holidays but something else always got in the way. Well, now it’s the night before school starts and I’m reflecting on what I’ve already done in preparation for this year! I also have some aims for the year too.

One of the new systems I will be trialing this year is the use of OneNote for my teaching program/chronicle. I have found this to be a great way to keep everything I need for the lesson in one place – notes, files, links – and hopefully this doesn’t prove too onerous a task once term starts (actually, it will probably mean I’ll be better organised). I have tried, over the last three weeks or so, to plan out each class for the next two weeks. This has led me to do the following:

  • get my PowerPoints up to date and ready to go
  • set up collaborative Google docs for Year 12 revision
  • enter names into Class Dojo
  • create a Survey Monkey survey for Year 10
  • create Wallwisher walls for class introductions
  • record narration (including a music intro) using Camtasia for a semi-flipped classroom and
  • create an online quiz using my Posterous space, a YouTube video and a Google form for Year 9

Wow – when I list it all out, there’s quite a lot there! Along with all that, I have also set up OneNote files for Year 9, 10 and 11 to use as a scaffold for organising their classwork this year. We’ll see how that one goes.

Finally, over the last two days at school, staff have been learning, discussing and reflecting on our practices with classroom management. The speaker, Dr Christine Richmond talked about the stages of a teacher’s approach to classroom management thus:

  • Unconscious competence (very experienced teacher)
  • Conscious competence (experienced teacher)
  • Conscious incompetence (early career teacher)
  • Unconscious incompetence (beginning teacher)

We basically had a chance, today, to talk about our own expectations with students and the importance of being consistent with consequences. Which has all led me to make sure my first lesson is all about expectations – mine and the students.

So, with just over 12 hours to go till those first bells ring, I am feeling anxious to meet my classes (although I feel a whole lot better than this time last year when I was new to the school), excited about all the preparation I’ve done and a little bit scared of how tired I’m going to feel at the end of the week!


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