Three New Toys


Most days I look at many different tweets, blog posts and websites.  When I look at a lot of new ideas and tools, they can often be overwhelming but yet interesting enough for me to add to my Diigo library and maybe go back to it one day. That’s the theory.

Today I downloaded the Triptico desktop app. I had heard about this through the wonderful MFL Twitterati a few times and finally decided to investigate. I think this is one app I’ll be using a lot. David Riley has developed a beautiful range of tools that will spice up lessons and make displaying tasks on the IWB more visually interesting. With Triptico you can make Word Magnets, have teams scores, time activities and make a random name chooser among many other things. All this is free, too!

I also investigated a site called RedKid after reading @dominic_mcg ‘s blog post. I saw the site this morning and already I have made up a title for a powerpoint using the cinema sign and the lessons objectives in a Scooby Doo speech bubble! I think it looks cool so hopefully the students will too!

Lastly, I have set up two of my classes with Class Dojo. This is a real-time behaviour management tool. Students get positive and negative points for behaviour in a lesson which gives them running totals over a week, month, term, whatever. I have also shared this with other colleagues who are using it too. What I love about this tool are the cute little avatars given to each student and the easy-to-understand interface. I am going to trial this over the term and see how the students respond. So far, so good!

So these are three new things I’ve been able to investigate or use today that don’t take a lot of getting used to but are incredibly useful for the classroom. I want my students to be more engaged and better behaved (some of them) so these three tools can only help that and save me time.

Have you found anything new and easy to use lately? Want to share?

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