Jing – Creating a Screencast

I’ve just created two screencasts using Jing to capture me reading through a powerpoint with all the Year 9 speaking questions. I’m going to try and use this more often to start building a repository of content that I can use for a Flipped Classroom model (hopefully starting this soon.)

Last year I had my Year 10 students create Storybird books and then use Jing to capture them reading the story aloud. This worked well although the recording hardware was problematic. Fun though!

Here are the two screencasts I’ve just made. What do you think?
Part 1

Part 2

3 thoughts on “Jing – Creating a Screencast

  1. A really neat example of how a commentary through the use of Jing can transform a set of PP slides into an open learning resource that has a much longer shelf life – really impressed with the content and your delivery! Gave me some great ideas – thank you!

  2. This is extremely helpful! I’m learning how to do a flipped classroom and I wasn’t sure how to do it with a foreign language. This has given me a lot of ideas and encouragement. Thank you!

    1. Cool! I’m glad that it’s been helpful. I have been doing some more experimenting with screencasting and have now downloaded Snagit. Have a look at my latest blog post with a presentation I did on screencasting and feedback. Thanks!

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