Getting Organised

This weekend I am focusing hard on being ready for my first couple of weeks at St Paul’s. Mainly I want to be set with a great introductory lesson so I am currently formulating resources and ideas to introduce the language, myself and the students. So far I have created a video with Animoto (I actually did this last year) on what studying a language says about you (not my idea, I just adapted an existing powerpoint) and set up some Wallwisher pages for students to introduce themselves. I am going to use this Prezi to introduce myself and my expectations for the students.

This is the crucial time to set the tone for the coming year and to start to build a positive relationship with my new students. My Latin catchphrase is: “Lingua Latina gaudium et utilis est!” French? I’m not sure yet. It’s going to be an exciting start to the year I think.

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